Families and children make up a huge part of Stone Hill.

When you come in the main doors to the church, if you have a child Newborn-Age 4, you will can head downstairs and register your child.

Older Kids will be dismissed after the Worship portion of our adult service. Please make sure to check them out at the end of service.



  • Grow Zone Ministry (Ages 5-5th Grade)
  • Sprouts: Newborn-Preschool

Check-in Procedure

We want to ensure your child’s safety at all times so there will be specific procedures given you.

Important Information

  • If your child has a special need, please advice one of our Volunteers at check-in so that we can assign them a 1 on 1 staffer.
  • If your child has allergies, please make note of this at Check-In.
  • Please have your child picked up within 10 minutes of service closing. 


We have a Parent-Child Room in the Overflow where you can hang out with your baby and still watch and listen the service.