Sunday Mornings

Sunday Morning Bible Study //9:00-9:45 AM in the Library.  “WHAT IS GOD LIKE?” Is He just an impersonal force? A higher power? Does He inhabit creation? Where is He when things don’t make sense? Why does it seem sometimes He doesn’t intervene?  Discover the God who is interested in knowing YOU and how you can […]



We’re excited to share a new ministry. It is 10-15 minutes of fun music, age-appropriate Bible Stories and Scripture memorization designed JUST for Pre-Schoolers.  This will take place within our Sprouts Nursery around 10:30 AM.  Ages: 2-4 {meets in the same room as Sprouts}


Discover your Spiritual Gift!

As a Body, we have been discovering our unique giftedness. We will not be good at everything, but we were created for SOMETHING. Find out more: If you’re an attender of SHBC, take this test. “Next Steps” will be coming soon.  


Ministry Leadership

Becca Bols-Director of Ministry Operations/Worship

[email protected]

Dave Bols-Technical Director


Children’s Ministry

Sue Payne-Sprouts Nursery Director (Newborn-Preschool)

Vickie Bonior-Preschool Team Leader (Age 2-4)

Children’s Director: 



April Jolly-Welcome Center Team Leader

Perry Picco – Head Usher/Mens Ministry

[email protected]


Women’s Ministry

Vivian Kizer-Bible Study Leader



Tere McKee-Financial Secretary

Okie Picco-Treasurer

Bill Payne-Janitorial Services Team Leader

Nancy Vercellotti-Kitchen Team Leader

Beth LaFaire-Prayer Chain, [email protected]