What should I expect if I make a visit?

Stone Hill is filled with diverse group of people like you and me!

People are here to learn, to serve, to connect and to grow.

When you first walk into the doors of Stone Hill Bible Church, you will be greeted by several people as you make your way up the stairs to the foyer and sanctuary area. In the foyer, you will find our Welcome Center. You can find information on most of the ministries that comprise Stone Hill Bible Church. Here, you will also find ways to get you and/or your family plugged in. We invite first time guests to stop by the Welcome Center to pick up a free gift.


An Elevator is available to assist the elderly or handicapped. One of our Volunteers will be happy to operate this for you.


At Stone Hill, we believe that music is an expression of worship. Worship styles often vary week to week. There may be Sundays with or without musical instruments, piano or praise band, hymns or contemporary worship songs. We realize that God’s people are all created different and because of that, we try to open the doors so that everyone can worship freely. We may also have interpretation dance or drama.


There will be an opportunity weekly for giving back to the Lord mid-Service time.


Every week messages are recorded and are available currently on CD only.